Circus Festival After the Circus has left the Town


Circus Festival in Mazunte

The circus festival is an annual event taking place in a small piece of paradise on a Pacific coast of Mexico, Mazunte.

There is an official part of it, which is spell-bending, however these photos are not about it. At some point the festival becomes more of a gathering for street performers and turns into endless celebration that lasts weeks after the official part is over. 

Calm fishermen’s town transforms into never-ending show of lights, music, and beautiful people who gathered together for a number of very simple reasons: to teach, to learn, to enjoy and to experience.

Jugglers, fire spinners, acrobats, yoga instructors and all you can imagine are melting into one gipsy mass, rocking the streets from early morning till the late night, pushing the imagination of the local population to the limits of extreme.