A Scene from the Bible


Danza de los Cornudos



Danza de los Cornudos is a religious celebration taking place during the holy week in San Bartolomé de Aguas Calientes, state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

During the 3 days event, the local Otomi people are reenacting the scene from a Passion of the Christ, where the Pharisees, locally called Cornudos, face Barabbas – in a fight with machetes.

I arrived on the last day and witnessed a biblical scene divine as fuck.

The mass of masked, drunk and horned ones were raging the streets carrying the Jesus and a cross – giggling, screaming and pushing each other under the cacophony of trumpets, accompanied by gangs of street dogs. 

It could be seen as the direct example of how the pop culture is invading indigenous minds, I see the Mexico I love; surreal, absurd and socially disobedient.